What Can Family Law Attorneys Do For You?


While family law can be a very broad category, it is extremely important in today's society. Family law plays an important function when arbitrating decisions to be made regarding marriage, divorce, and child custody. If you think you will never need an attorney to help you with family law, you may want to think again. Here is how a lawyer can help you out in each of these three categories.

Child Custody

There are several situations where you will need a lawyer to help with child custody. They include:

  • adopting a child
  • determining paternity
  • rescuing a child living in a dangerous environment
  • settling custody during a separation or divorce.

Most divorce cases typically require a lawyer, so you will already have one in that situation to help with the custody battle. However, the other situations will require the help of additional expertise in family law because of how unique they are. While you can try to adopt a child on your own, you may find yourself running into difficulties when it comes to understanding paperwork.


The most common situation that will involve a family lawyer is a divorce. Each side will require their own lawyer to help settle several issues. These include:

  • dividing property
  • determining alimony
  • requesting an annulment
  • arranging visitation of children

Most divorce proceedings will require a lawyer, even if they never reach a courtroom setting. Each party is represented by their lawyer during negotiations, with arguments being made to an arbiter that is neutral. If all parties cannot decide on a solution that is satisfactory to everyone, only then will the case be taken to court


While you do not normally need a lawyer if you are getting married, you do if you plan on getting a prenuptial agreement. Family lawyers have the legal skills to draft contracts and negotiate. This makes them an excellent fit for creating the contract for a customized prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements are great in situations where one person comes from a background with a significant amount of wealth. If it is not expected to have assets split 50/50 during a divorce, an agreement can be drafted that will make the dividing of assets more appropriate.

No matter what situation you find yourself in that requires a family lawyer, you will see a significant benefit to having one on your side. Not only do they have the expertise in the areas that matter to you, but they also have the interpersonal skills that help assist with situations that are emotionally volatile. 

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25 August 2015

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