4 Common Liens That Can Complicate The Home Buying Process


Real estate transactions are undoubtedly complex and issues that occur during closing may delay or even cancel the sale of property. While there are a number of possible problems, liens are of particular concern because they cast doubt on the true nature of ownership and whether the seller has the legal right to dispose of property. Below are four of the most common and problematic liens that can exist on a home and what you need to know should one of these liens be in place on a property in which you are interested.

27 November 2017

Could You Be A Victim Of Foreclosure Fraud?


Ever since the housing market collapsed in 2008, foreclosures became an unfortunate and all-too-common experience for many homeowners. However, some homeowners went through the painful and humiliating process unnecessarily, due to wrongful foreclosure. If you suspect that you may have been wrongfully foreclosed upon (or are facing a wrongful foreclosure now), this is what you should know. What is foreclosure fraud? Foreclosure fraud can occur at virtually any step of the mortgage process and it can happen through document errors, predatory collection agents and lenders, and the failure to follow the law as it applies to loan modifications.

23 May 2016

What Can Family Law Attorneys Do For You?


While family law can be a very broad category, it is extremely important in today's society. Family law plays an important function when arbitrating decisions to be made regarding marriage, divorce, and child custody. If you think you will never need an attorney to help you with family law, you may want to think again. Here is how a lawyer can help you out in each of these three categories.

25 August 2015

Unsanitary Living Conditions, Withholding Rent, And Winning An Eviction Case


When you rent an apartment or home, your landlord has a responsibility to make sure the property is in proper living condition. What constitutes proper living conditions? You should consult your state's sanitary code to determine what these conditions are, but in general, the building should be in good repair, free of pests, free of mold, and any other contaminants or defects that could make the property unsafe. If you become aware of unsafe conditions, it is in your best interest to make your landlord aware of it.

22 June 2015

How To Prevent Or Delay Foreclosure On Your House


If you are behind on paying your mortgage and are potentially facing foreclosure on your house, you may be able to prevent it from happening. Even if you cannot save your house, there are strategies that may delay a foreclosure from happening. Here is how you can do it if foreclosure is in your future. Bankruptcy Protection If your home will be foreclosed on within days or weeks, you may be able to stop it from happening if you file for bankruptcy.

25 May 2015

3 Ways You Can Avoid Going Through Probate


Whenever someone passes away, their estate enters into probate. Whether there's a will or not, probate can be a lengthy process. And, if someone contests the will, that can make the process even longer and prevent your heirs from collecting what is rightfully theirs. However, probate doesn't always have to be an issue. Here are three ways you can help your loved ones avoid going through probate. 1. Establish a revocable living trust.

8 May 2015